• 08.25

    SARB President

  • Setting the scene

    Chairs: Koen Lapage (UGent) and Alexandre Joosten (ULB)

  • 08.30

    Fast-track surgery – what is it and why should we do it?
    Henrik Kehlet (Copenhagen University, Denmark)

  • 08.50

    The Perioperative Surgical Home, Fast Track Surgery, Enhanced Recovery: different names, different approaches, same goals   
    Maxime Cannesson (University of California, USA)

  • 09.15

    Pain therapy in Fast Track Surgery: where are we?  
    Narinder Rawal (Örebro University, Sweden)

  • 09.40

    Digital Quality Improvement: How to use technology to help the implementation of fast track protocols?
    Maxime Cannesson (University of California, USA)​   

  • 10.05

    Coffee Break

  • Anesthesia, Fast Track Surgery in specific procedures (Part I)

    Chairs: Arne Neyrinck (UZLeuven) and Jean Joris (CHU de Liège)

  • 10.30

    Enhanced recovery protocol is the modern standard of Care for Surgery

    Henrik Kehlet (Denmark)

  • 11.00

    Enhanced recovery protocol-why is implementation is difficult?

    Anthony de Buck-van Overstraeten (UZ Leuven)

  • 11.30

    Fast Track Abdominal Surgery
    Daniel Leonard (UCL)

  • 12.00

    Enhanced recovery for the orthopedic patient
    Geert Peersman (ZNA) 

  • 12.30

    General Assembly

  • 12.30


  • Anesthesia, Fast Track Surgery in specific procedures (Part II)

    Chairs: Margaretha Breebaart (UA) and Jan Poelaert (VUB)

  • 13.30

    Anesthesia for Thoracic Fast Track Programs
    Guillermo Martinez (UK)

  • 14.00

    The Fast Track Cardiac Patient
    Steffen Rex (UZ Leuven)

  • 14.30

    PRO/CON: Opioid free anesthesia is THE way forward

    Chairs: Steffen Rex (UZ Leuven), Mona Momeni (UCL) and Patrice Forget (Belgium) 

    PRO: Jan Mulier (Belgium)
    CON: Martin Söhle (Germany)

  • 15.30

    Closing remarks and adjourn
    Marc Van de Velde (UZ Leuven)