• 09.00

    Session A
    Chairs: Stuart Morrison and Steve Coppens

  • 09.00

    Airway devices and difficult airway management: what is essential, what is new
    Stuart Morrison (UA)   

  • 09.30

    An overview of currently used Locoregional anesthesia techniques
    Steve Coppens (KUL)  

  • 10.00

    How (and why) to measure recovery from neuromuscular blockade
    Marleen Verhaegen (KUL)

  • 10.30

    Coffee Break

  • 11.00

    Session B
    Chairs: Caroline Prégardien and Koen Lapage

  • 11.00

    Principles and applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in anesthesia and perioperative medicine
    Caroline Prégardien (UCL)

  • 11.30

    ECG analysis in the OR and the PACU: basic principles  
    Sebastiaan Kuijpers (KUL)

  • 12.00

    Basic concepts of fluid responsiveness (SVV, PPV)
    Koen Lapage (Ugent)  

  • 12.30