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  • 08.25

    SARB President

  • 08.30

    New Monitors

    Chairs: Caroline Prégardien and Layth Altmimi

  • 08.30

    Assessing the Nociception / Anti-Nociception balance during Anesthesia: What works today? And how?
    Vincent Bonhomme, Belgium

  • 08.50

    Near InfraRed Spectroscopy: underutilized, underrated, …understood?
    Annelies Moerman, Belgium

  • 09.10

    Non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring: What you need to know
    Bernd Saugel, Germany

  • 09.30

    Monitoring depth of Anesthesia: Moving beyond BIS
    George Mashour, USA

  • 10.00

    Coffee Break

  • 10.30

    New Tools

    Chairs: Piet Wyffels and Alexandre Joosten

  • 10.30

    Decision-Support and Closed-Loop Systems: Ready for Prime Time
    Michel Struys, The Netherlands  

  • 10.50

    Ultrasound: The Sixth Sense of Anesthesiologists
    Eric Sloth, Germany

  • 11.10

    Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Mobile Technology: Game Changers in the Perioperative Arena
    Alexandre Joosten, Belgium

  • 11.30

    Simulator Training: Every Anesthesiologist should have it on a regular basis
    Marcus Rall, Germany

  • 12.00

    Coffee Break

  • 12.30

    New Techniques

    Chairs: Nadia Najafi and Stuart Morrisson

  • 12.30

    Innovations in Airway Management
    Patrick Schoettker, Switzerland

  • 12.50

    Thoracic Surgery in Spontaneously Ventilating Patients: Why and how
    Eugenio Pompeo, Italy

  • 13.10

    Advanced Postoperative Analgesia in Home Care Settings
    Xavier Capdevilla, France

  • 13.30

    Apneic Oxygenation and THRIVE
    Anil Patel, UK

  • 13.50